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Individual Learning
Tuition Based on Content, Modality & Bundled Packages

  • FITCE offers breadth and depth of content that today’s businesses require to address technology and interpersonal skill development. The tuition for individual consumption is based on content, market and courseware requirements.
  • Content categories range from FITCE developed (non-certification), FITCE developed (certification exam prep), and 3rd party partner.
  • For government and qualified federal contractors, your tuition is also displayed on each content page per the appropriate contract schedules.

Explore our catalog offering to find the right content and delivery format for you (or the team members you’re seeking to secure training for), or contact us to discuss your individual development plan and we’ll design a learning path appropriate for your learning objectives.

Team Training
FlexVouchers: A Unique Training Savings Account

Volume purchasing power is straight-forward – there really is no need to explain ‘the more you buy, the more you save’. There is, however, a valid reason to describe how FITCE is committed to client-driven solutions that help you lock-in your training budgets without having to commit to a “traditional classroom-only plan” at the time of purchase.

this Training Savings Account concept is simply a more flexible Voucher plan that accounts for more than the traditional 1 voucher = 1 course attendance, factoring in content- and delivery-format-based tuition.

this Training Savings Account concept helps expand your purchasing power to modern blended solutions and services that are completely customizable based on your unique real-world challenges. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all.

The Power of FlexVouchers

  • Not limited to Live Instructor-Led Learning (In Class or Live, Online)
  • Convenient real-time tracking and utilization reporting of your invested budget via your ‘My FITCE Account’
  • Helps align the appropriate workforce development services we can offer to your ever-changing business needs throughout the program lifecycle
  • Helps you gain budget optimization by looking beyond a single training event or single team to planning and collaborating across your organization. Still orderable in packs of 3-300! (Unlimited possibilities, really.)

Your Unique Needs, Your Customized Savings Plan, Your Real-World Results.
Contact us below
to outline your specific requirements for a customized response. Our Account Management Team can also share real-world samples of applied FlexVoucher Programs to help visualize real-world value.

*Pay-As-You-Go FlexVoucher Programs are available with different terms, please contact us for details.

Enterprise Learning Services
For Organizations

If you’re searching through the organizational lens for procurement of strategic workforce development, ask yourself these key questions:

  • Do you need curricula design, development in multimodal delivery?
  • Do you need a full lifecycle solution for workforce optimization support?
  • How important is it that your partner convey the right internal understanding of your mission and needs?
  • Do you require global program management capabilities?
  • How important is it that your partner have proven expertise in change management?
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