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Our HR Services & Solutions

FTICE Committed to helping our clients in addressing complex HRM challenges with real-world business solutions.Our Continuous Endeavour is to make the Recruitment process Easier, Faster and Transparent, in order to absorb fresh talent. To reduce the Gap and Upgrade the relationship between a candidate and client which represents the goal we are trying to achieve.

Our competitive advantage is simple, we have a dedicated team of HR professionals having significant industry experience . Our only aim is to provide a human edge to our clients in a competitive market like India

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Executive Search

Our FITCE is helping world-class build leadership teams that succeed.

Leadership requirements continue to evolve, but the need for high-performing executives remains constant. Identifying and attracting this talent requires a rigorous approach, a thorough understanding of different industries and functional roles, unrivaled access to senior executives and impeccable judgment. FITCE apply real insight into clients’ strategic requirements and proven assessment tools to recruit leaders who have the necessary skill, experience and personal qualities to advance company strategies and achieve outstanding results.

HR Advisory & Consulting

FITCE helps an organization to gain cost and time efficiencies and provides cutting edge over their human resource strategies and improves service improves services to their employees.

We help you to build “a today” for tomorrow. We proudly enjoy a 100% costumer satisfaction ratings with our existing clients .

Contractual Staffing & Payroll

FIf it's outside your scope, it's probably within ours. When your business needs extend beyond your core competencies, let the industry's expert in temporary staffing services help you to regain your focus. At FITCE, our world revolves around your business.

FITCE temp staffing approach includes assisting clients in analyzing and improving their service delivery models, and identifying where temporary staffing can bring real business benefit. Our temporary staffing business solutions can help you in

also understands the sensitive nature of the business of Temporary Staffing. Organisations often suffer because their contractors either do not understand or do not comply with complex statutory requirements of Indian Law.

Recruitment Solutions

The growth of any organization depends on the talent it has. That again, rests on the processes it follows for recruitment. Get the recruitment process right, and you virtually eliminate the risk of hiring the wrong person for the job. Get the process wrong, and you won't even attract applications from suitable candidates.

FITCE offers specialist recruitment solutions across wide ranging business functions. Our recruitment process is simple, yet value adding. It involves the understanding of your business and its

Hiring needs and based on the same, designing our search plan, perform the initial screening of the candidates and validate the credentials of the selected candidates by way of reference checks.

We help you to build “a today” for tomorrow. We proudly enjoy a 100% costumer satisfaction ratings with our existing clients .

Campus Hiring Solutions

Our Campus Placement & Pre-Placement Training vertical provides unique and unmatched services aiming to benefit Corporate, Institutes/Colleges and Students equally.

We take an exhaustive but intensive approach right from evaluation of graduating students to recommending pre-placement training ensuring students getting their dream job during campus recruitment, recommending & ensuring availability of best Campuses to organization enabling them to get required talented qualified pool well on time with minimum cost and working along with College to increase & improve the overall Campus Placement scenario resulting into more quality admissions.

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Blended Learning

The Best of Both Worlds.

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Private Team Training

We Come To You.

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Why On-Site Course Delivery?

  • Saving time by training your entire team at once — at a convenient location of your choice.

  • Enjoying a worry-free training event with all the details handled by FITCE.

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